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Hate and Revenge by beginernew
Hate and Revenge
Well This is Eni in another RP like a fantasy or MMORPG (one of the battle set I made for her)
(Yeah I use her in a lot of role play so she would be different at each role play but some of them are the same. I'm just lazy making another character for a RP or any Anime RP)

mostly I draw her insecure or happy or sad but this is what she would look like when she is filled with hate or was in battle. but mostly hate. Her battle face was way more softer than this.
During School Holiday... by beginernew
During School Holiday...
Yup this is what I've been doing... look how many times I check Insta & Kik even through no one was online...
Back to School by beginernew
Back to School
again... from my story...

After that incident at the resort now it's our school day. Now I'm a First Year student of High School so I saw some new faces. But why is there a Japanese name? I would never expect one to be here... Ugh... I can't read Japanese...

After knocking the door I quickly scan the room for empty seat and there in the corner of the back of the class still empty! So I quickly goes there before anyone came and took it away. The back end of the class corner was always my favorite spot.

Sure was the new boy the center of attention with the girls... is he flirting? Oh well the other girls are pretty anyway. I sat down thinking of that meteor fragment I found in that forest... A spear that was perfectly detailed like the one I design in my drawings.

Not only so it shape shift into a necklace that I'm wearing now... yet again it's the same one in my drawing book design.

"How come I didn't notice you there?" A boy said and it's not anyone I recognize from my previous classmates in the 3rd year middle school...

"No one does..." I said turning to face him scanning his attribute he seemed like a carefree guy... also he always had a goofy smile on his face.

The guy then scratch his head almost like he is playing with his black colored hair. Later on his brown orbs scanned my tabble then me... Then out of the blues he just laughed that tracked everyone's attention. I hate when crowd forms so I just get off and irritatedly leave the class.

"Hey wait! I didn't mean to do that!" The boy shouted as he catches up to me so I stopped
Out in the night by beginernew
Out in the night
Inspired by the story I'm making...

Just in the days it’s almost when we’re taking vacation that my parents dragged me into where ever their business they want so I sneak out of the resort sneaking past all of the workers I can came across heading to the sea shore.

There a big rock lies there from where it’s located, seating there was safe. If you add it too no one was around there so the peace & quiet are the ones that accompany me the stars above shone brightly as the breeze on the land flew past me. It was indeed a good place to stick around.

Suddenly I saw a meteor or shooting star. Wishing on a shooting star would be a childish thing but watching it passed through the atmosphere was sure beautiful. Still the meteor seemed to be heading to one place. And that place is this island.

Then at a certain range it dispersed into twelve fragments but one of them was smaller than the other some of them landed into the forest that was near the resort but it was pretty deep so the shock-wave hadn’t felt by anyone.

There where everything started.

Mephisto Pheles (Teacher?) by beginernew
Mephisto Pheles (Teacher?)
Well uh IDK just draw! Thinking him as a teacher & uh... IDK how teacher clothes looked like since the teacher at my school didn't have a specific uniform...

Character (c) Mephisto Pheles/Samael from Ao No Exorcist
Reasons why I started to not draw...

If I did draw traditionally it has no color so it stinks... no scanner & pencil color isn't that complete for it's color... pencil shade? It sucked too since sometime it goes darker than what I would want it to be... I'll try to scroll my folder for what I've drawn recently & post it if I think it's worth it...

*table flip* Get me out of mah shitty rotten room!


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